close personal relationships with designers

Before you go looking for a light, think about some of the problems. You might be surprised how much this will help wondering. The news will help you develop your own mind, how to choose a lamp. I remember an interesting incident in 1979, to participate in the international home market in High Point, North Carolina. Walked into our showroom, we demonstrate our lamps, pictures, and other accessories and furniture designer. At that time, she took her catalog page from one of the country's largest retailer. On this page is listed in tabular form, showing the "exact" size of the shadow command, if your lights are a particular height. Imagine, in today's market! Obviously, this will not work at all. What is the main purpose of the lights are considering your main purposes: reading, writing, work project, area lighting, accent lighting, art objects, a beautiful specimen lamp, just some beautiful areas will be lit up? What the color of the room, you put your new lamp you use it? Remember, you are only interesting moment. Simply think these considerations in your own mind, to give them some ideas. Who are you? Your taste and your home decoration formal, casual, country, modern, etc. where you live, is a reflection of who you are, what you like. So, who are you? . You just want to do a whim in home decor, then maybe you're not so concerned with the current theme is. Otherwise, you will want your new lamp "fit" you already have, like your home. Who - what - when - when - why and how? ? We do not think so specific, but rather to provide some guidelines for you to let you in your home or in the office area, choose a lamp confidence. We also consulted the hotels, motels, casinos, nursing homes, prisons and other institutions. These cases have unique considerations must be addressed individually, but many of the same principles apply. A "how to" the lamp choice or home decoration should be resolved before an individual may have a strong sense of personal taste or preference. After 25 years of close personal relationships with designers, decorators, buyers shop the most important retail customers, we have gradually formed a unique perspective on how to choose a lamp.